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School is the foundation of a child's future and teachers are the architects of this foundation. A good teacher not only imparts knowledge but also plays a fundamental role in moulding a child's future. The school has gamut of well-trained and experienced teachers. 

 We follow the National Curriculum Framework vision for teachers.


A teacher's responsibility is to:

  • Care for children and should love to be with them.
  • Understand children within social, cultural and political contexts.
  • Be receptive and flexible.
  • View learning as a search for meaning out of personal experience, and knowledge generation as a continuously evolving process of reflective learning.
  • View knowledge not as an external reality embedded in textbooks, but as constructed in the shared context of teaching-learning and personal experience.
  • Own responsibility towards society, and work to build a better world.
  • Appreciated the potential of productive work and hands-on
  • Experience as a pedagogic medium both inside and outside the classroom
  • Analyze the curricular framework, policy implications and texts.

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